AFT Professional Learning Webinars


During these unprecedented times, our students and our own children are experiencing a range of unpleasant emotions, including anxiety, frustration and boredom. As the adults in their lives, it’s crucial that we make space for our children’s feelings and support them in managing those feelings.

In this webinar, Marc Brackett, author of Permission to Feel, and director of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, will share a four-step process to help adults be emotionally intelligent role models for children and teach them key strategies that support healthy self-regulation.

The webinar is Thursday, May 21, 2020 at 4pm.Click here to register (

With the COVID-19 pandemic, school buildings across the country closed, and teaching and learning shifted almost overnight to being done remotely. Join the AFT and Share My Lesson to learn about a positive way you can help K-12 students wrap up the current school year on a positive note: Culminating Capstone Projects. Learn how these capstone projects can be utilized to wrap up the school year, be used to complete a voluntary summer learning program, or even serve as a re-entry into the next school year—whenever that happens. Teachers can adapt and modify the capstone project ideas, making them unique for their classrooms. All of the necessary resources have been provided (e.g., hyperlinks, activity sheets, question prompts, etc.) to make them easy to use. Most of all, we want students to feel good about all they know!

Get ideas on how to use the capstone projects for any grade level and for students with any type of access (or no access) to technology. Register now and download the projects on Share My Lesson.