Assembly proposes more money for school construction

The Maryland General Assembly has proposed giving the city and surrounding counties more money for school construction. Click here to read more. CONTINUE >>

City Schools Deficit problem

City Schools Deficit Problem. Click here to read more. CONTINUE >>

Senate approves budget

The Maryland Senate approved the budget that the House has already passed. There were a few differences, so details will be worked out next week.… CONTINUE >>

State Senate Panel rewrites Charter School Bill

A State Senate Panel rewrites Gov. Hogan's charter school bill. Click here to read the story. CONTINUE >>

School Board Considering Cuts to Summer School

The Baltimore City Board of School Commissioners is considering cuts to the Summer School Program. Read more here. CONTINUE >>

Sun Editorial on Charter Schools

Sun Editorial on Charter Schools. Click here to read more. CONTINUE >>

Special Ed. Teacher gets letter published

Morgan Showalter, a special ed teacher in the district had his letter published in the Sun. The contract did not cause the budget deficit! Click… CONTINUE >>

Lawmakers call for change in leave policy

Lawmakers want the Baltimore City Board o School Commissioners to look at the district's leave policy. Click here to read the whole story. CONTINUE >>

City Schools Paying Millions in Additional Income

City Schools Paying Millions in Additional Income. Read the full story here. CONTINUE >>

Moving City Schools Forward

Dr. Thornton plans to move the school district forward by repealing some past policies. Read more here. CONTINUE >>