To join a committee, call the BTU at 410-358-6600 or e-mail us at

  • Safety Committee – This committee works to develop and implement short-term and long range plans as part of the BTU’s program to help eliminate violent and disruptive students behavior in the BCPSS and to involve all segments of the community so that every child has the opportunity to learn in a safe environment. (Contact –Angela Mitchell-Butler/ Sita  Chaitram)
  • PUBLICATIONS COMMITTEE – This committee works to develop and generate information and stories for the BTU Publications. (Contact –Rogie Legaspi/Sarah Martin)
  • COPE (COMMITTEE ON POLITCAL EDUCATION) – This committee promotes COPE check-off, reviews voting records, recommends political endorsements and runs voter registration, education and get-out-the vote drives among members. (Contact – Corey Debnam/Darlene Brown)
  • LEGISLATIVE COMMITTEE – This committee will inform the members about legislation in the Maryland General Assembly that impacts education and educators in the city of Baltimore. (Contact – James Blanchard/Shawn McKay)
  • ORGANIZING COMMITTEE – This committee will work with BRs and Field Representatives. (Patricia Keller/ Sandra Davis)
  • SPECIAL EDUCATION COMMITTEE – This committee discusses special education issues and develops policy for the BTU in the area of special education, the Consent Decree, inclusion and other issues. (Contact – Ava Parran/Sandra Davis)
  • GRIEVANCES/MEMBERS’ RIGHTS – This committee will review grievances that have been filed, discuss articles that are most frequently violated, review the length of time it takes to resolve a grievance, discuss injuries on the job (Workers’ Comp cases), monitor schools/worksites where most grievances are filed or problems exist, discuss the role of hearing officers, and monitor cases that are pending with the OSI. (Contact-Sarah Martin/Bernard Barber)
  • CIVIL, HUMAN AND WOMEN’S RIGHTS COMMITTEE – This committee identifies and supports issues and events relating to civil, human and women’s rights. (Contact – Deborah Crockett/Carla McCoy)
  • NEW TEACHERS STEERING COMMITTEE – This committee is an action group, which works to identify the concerns of new teachers. (Contact –Geralda Thompson/LaBrina Hopkins)
  • EDUCATIONAL ISSUES COMMITTEE – This committee works to discuss and disseminate research relevant to classroom practitioners. It offers and opportunity for members to publicize Best Practices and reform issues. AFT’s Education Research & Dissemination Program and trainers are integral part of the institution. (Contact –Carla McCoy/Wanda Dew)
  • PUBLIC OUTREACH/COMMUNITY RELATIONS – This committee will plan and implement community outreach projects and act as a liaison between the union and community groups. (Contact  – Yvette Turner/Brandi Boone-West)
  • INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE – This committee will meet with BCPSS officials periodically to keep the union informed on the progress being made to renew the visas of International teachers in the system. It will also assist international teachers with problems on the job and in the community. (Contact –Rogie Legaspi, Cynthia Bruce, Sita Chaitram)
  • CLERICAL COMMITTEE – This committee will discuss issues and concerns of clericals. (Contact –Terry Harper/Celia Elliott)
  • CHARTER SCHOOL COMMITTEE – This committee will address issues impacting charter schools and monitor proposed charter school legislation. (Katrina Kickbush/Raymond “Jay” English)
  • ESSA COMMITTEE – This committee will monitor the new legislation and keep the membership informed on the impact that it has on teachers, PSRPs and students. (Contact – Anne Craig/Tiffanie Murray)
  • SRP COMMITTEE SRP Committee-This committee will address concerns and problems confronting SRPS. and construct Workshops and seminars will be constructed to enable PSRPs to be more effective in their respective positions. (Contact- Sherri Harris-Gibbs/LaKeisha Purnell)