The Baltimore Community COVID-19 Task Force is a grassroots initiative led by rank and file BTU members, parents, students, and community members. Anyone can get involved in the Task Force. Just send an email to

Mission Statement 

The mission of the BTU’s COVID-19 Taskforce is to advocate for the resources and supports that students, teachers and parents need access to, in order for them to have a safe return to our schools.


The focus of the taskforce is that of advocacy. Our role is to collect and disseminate information, advocate for the safety of all educational stakeholders – teachers & support staff, students and parents. We have been working on rallying parent and student support behind any type of push back activity as a response to the plans of the district. We have also been heavily advocating for the supports that are necessary in order to make distance learning the best that it can be during these unprecedented times.

Get involved!

  • Please sign our petition for a safe and equitable reopening process and spread the word!

  • Click here to sign up to get involved in the Task Force.

  • More information and updates about the Task Force can be found here.