MODEL COHORT 8 REGISTRATION IS OPEN!  Registration Closes January 15th.

If you are a BTU Member currently on the Professional Pathway who is interested in participating in the Peer Review Process for  movement onto the Model Pathway, please complete this short registration survey.  You must register to participate in this process and your attendance at an information session is mandatory in order to apply for movement to the Model Pathway. The registration survey for this SPRING 2015 cohort will be live until January 15th. We hope to receive your registration soon!

For more information on the Model Pathway, please visit the Model Pathways page on City Schools Inside. If you have questions that this page is unable to answer, please contact the BTU Joint Governing Panel at To keep yourself in the know regarding updates and deadlines for Model Cohort 8, be sure to like and follow the BTU JGP on Facebook and Twitter!

PLEASE NOTE: Alternatively Placed (Grandfathered) Models will participate in a later registration specifically for Alternatively Placed Models. You should NOT register for these sessions. Additional information will be forthcoming.

Model Cohort 8 – Spring 2015 Information Sessions

Session Type Date Time Location
Webinar Tuesday, Jan 20 4-6pm Online presentation
Face-to-Face Wednesday, Jan 21 4-6pm BTU Headquarters
Webinar Thursday, Jan 22 4-6pm Online presentation
Face-to-Face Monday, Jan 26 3:30-5:30pm BTU Headquarters
Face-to-Face Tuesday, Jan 27 5-7pm Lake Clifton Auditorium

New location:

BTU Headquarters


Teachers must register for an Information Session. Registration for the above sessions ends on January 15th.

For additional information email the JGP at



 AU Project Submissions for Contributions to student learning

 August 11, 2014 thru February 6, 2015

 BTU Professionals interested in submitting Achievement Unit (AU) projects for Contributions to student learning for the SY2014-2015 should do so by February 6th. In order to qualify for AUs, proposals must be received by the JGP for pre-approval prior to the deadline above.  All proposals must be submitted no later than 4 weeks prior to the project start date to avoid delay of implementation and allow time for review, feedback and resubmission opportunities. Remember, implementation of AU projects are contingent upon JGP approval.

All projects must be implemented and completed by May 1, 2015.


AUs for Contributions to student learning are awarded after implementation and successful completion of all requirements.


If you are interested in developing an AU project for the current school year, please visit City Schools Inside at for further details.


Please contact the Joint Governing Panel (JGP) at if you have any questions or have submitted a proposal for the SY2014-15.

Here is the Teacher Contract with salary scales: BTU-2010-2013-Final-Teacher Agreement 12-03-10 KJZ

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