Updates to the Instructional Framework Rubric Language

Last week, President Brown shared a video with membership where she provided insight on the District’s proposed changes to the Instructional Framework Rubic for SY 2020-2021. The changes being proposed will not be implemented during SY 2019-2020, however, they are on the table for 2020-2021.

Updates to the Instructional Framework Rubric language are intended to:

  • Align with expectations in current standards and curriculum
  • Respond to stakeholder feedback about current Instructional Framework Rubric 2.0
  • Support continuous improvement and reflection on instructional practice
  • Prioritize evidence based teaching decisions which influence student learning

The District’s goal is to have a final working draft ready for the start of the new school year. These edits will inform the final draft to be shared during the foundational year of work in SY 2019-20. Feedback you provide after August 2nd will still be reviewed and considered, in addition to feedback the District gathers across SY 2019-20.

Please click here to review the working draft.  

Use this electronic form in order to submit your feedback by Friday, August 2nd, 
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Click the links below to see the Instructional Framework Rubric that is currently being used, and the Instructional Framework that is being proposed.



The District would like our feedback on their proposed changes. The deadline to submit your feedback is Friday, August 2nd. Please be sure to click here to share your thoughts.