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One thing I love about summer is that the opportunity for rest and travel widens my perspective, and helps me think about where we stand compared to other unions. Across the country there’s a wild debate about teaching Critical Race Theory in K-12 public schools. Seeing school boards all across the country debate this issue makes me glad that Baltimore City Public Schools is a district where there’s a shared understanding of the value of
“I would like to see the school system make updating and replacing its air conditioner units a priority,” said Diamonte Brown, President of Baltimore City Teacher’s Union. Read more here.
  Tom Hall talks with Diamonté Brown, the president of the Baltimore Teachers Union, about what’s on the mind of her membership as teachers and students prepare to go back to full, in-person learning in the fall. Ms. Brown, a former middle school teacher, was elected to lead the 7,000 members of the Baltimore Teachers Union in 2019. Tom’s guests include a married couple who juggled caring for their two young children with caring for some of
The digital edition of the April-June 2021 issue of the Baltimore Educator, BTU’s magazine/newsletter, is now available online! You can also read and share individual articles from this issue on the BTU blog. This issue is being published exclusively online.   This issue includes an update on teacher negotiations and the COPE committee, a report-back on the first all-virtual PSRP conference, student poetry, in-depth looks at the PRO Act and Work to Rule, President Brown’s reflections on

A Message from the President: June 2021

Posted by Mike Pesa on  2021
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A Message from the President Dear Members, I would like to share some stories about my own school experience as a Baltimore City student. I think that people who went to school here in Baltimore City have valuable experiences, and they are especially valuable when they are good experiences, so that people can remember what good, well-resourced schooling looks like. Remembering our schools as the rich, resourced places they were helps us continue to fight