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By J. Depner Editor’s note: We are aware that the COVID situation and the District’s actions and statements are prone to change at any time. Some of the specific details in this article might be out of date by the time this issue is published. Please check the BTU website and the email blast for the latest updates. We urge all members to report any and all violations of the Health and Safety Memorandum of
By Michael Donaldson, PhD Over the past year and a half, issues within the educational realm have been brought to the forefront as educators and society at large dealt with a once-in-a-lifetime global pandemic. As many teachers were concerned for the safety of their families, their students, and themselves, the idea of “learning loss” penetrated and permeated through American consciousness. Some students in Baltimore City, especially those deemed most at-risk, were able to attend in-person
By Jelytza Padro In the past year you may have heard the term “Critical Race Theory” in relation to K-12 education. Politicians and school boards have been throwing this buzzword word about in the past year under the farce that it will teach kids that they will hate America or themselves. State and district education committees have been working non-stop the past year to quickly change their curriculums to exclude any mention of race.  I
By: Cindy “Stop Subbing” Sjoquist, BTU Field Rep No one, in either chapter of the Baltimore Teachers Union, can be required to find their own substitutes, or substitute for a colleague EXCEPT in an emergency. “Emergency” is clearly defined and cannot be interpreted as a planned absence (i.e. a teacher taking a PL Day). Paraeducators should be especially cautious about substituting as 1. It signals that paraprofessionals are not a vital member of your assigned
Editor’s note: As a 2021 BCPSS graduate, DeAsya Dawson looked to the Baltimore Educator as a place where her voice could be heard. In the interest of empowering the youth of Baltimore, we are publishing this open letter from DeAsya to Mayor Brandon Scott. BTU does not have an official position on the specific policy proposals in this letter. Dear Mayor Scott, My name is DeAsya Dawson. I’m a 21-year-old African American female with two