BTU SUMMER UPDATE #2: Wider Perspectives

One thing I love about summer is that the opportunity for rest and travel widens my perspective, and helps me think about where we stand… CONTINUE >>

Raise the Wage! Join the Living Wage Campaign.

AFT’s Personnel Program and Policy Council, President Diamonté Brown and the PSRP Committee have identified the lack of a living wage for many of our… CONTINUE >>

Frequently Asked Questions About A Living Wage

Frequently Asked Questions About A Living Wage Join the PSRP Committee to work for a living wage. Join NOW at What is a living… CONTINUE >>

Cast Your Vote at the June 7, 2021 General Membership Meeting

Register for our June Membership Meeting  Please register at You must register by June 6 at 11:59pm to have your current membership checked and to… CONTINUE >>

Let’s Heal Together at the PSRP Conference

PSRPs fix it, clean it, drive it, cook it, study it. Let's heal it together at the 2021 BTU PSRP Conference on May 5, 2021… CONTINUE >>