Teacher Spotlight: Samra Mekonen

[caption id="attachment_6592" align="alignleft" width="300"] Samra Mekonen[/caption] Samra Mekonen teaches 2nd grade ELA at KIPP Harmony Academy. This is her 5th year. Previously, she completed her… CONTINUE >>

PSRP Spotlight: Janet Mitchell

[caption id="attachment_6588" align="alignleft" width="300"] Janet Mitchell[/caption] Janet Mitchell is a para-educator at Creative City Public Charter School where she has worked for about four years.… CONTINUE >>

Member Spotlight: Cherrise Whye

Cherisse Whye teaches 6th grade math and social studies at Violetville Elementary/Middle School. She has been teaching in BCPSS for 21 years.

Member Spotlight: Dalania Lang-Powell

My first year, I struggled with a difficult classroom and managing that classroom, but my paraprofessional, Dalania Lang-Powell, went above and beyond for my students and their needs. Myself and the students know her as Ms. D. She initially came to my self-contained classroom a couple weeks into school, working with a student with an emotional disability.

Member Spotlight: Harry Preston V

Union members lead the way in the classroom and the community, particularly members of the Baltimore Teachers Union. Harry Preston V, Director of Innovation and… CONTINUE >>