Para to Teacher Applications are Now Available!


PSRPs in Baltimore City are the heart and the backbone of our City Schools. Many PSRPs transition to teacher-level positions each year by taking coursework and certification tests. However, this path is not without challenges. In recognition of these challenges, and of the huge potential for PSRPs to lead as classroom educators, the BTU is continuing its history of a PSRP to Teacher Program.


The application for the PSRP to Teacher Program has 6 parts:

  • Online Application, available at:
  • 3 Letters of Recommendation
  • Your most recent transcript (an unofficial transcript is acceptable)
  • A Personal Statement of 150 to 300 words describing your work in education and your goals
  • A resume
  • A 2-3 minute video explaining why you want to be a teacher

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Praxis Preparation

One of the requirements for teacher certification in Maryland is the Praxis Core and Praxis 2 Content Area tests. In school year 19-20, the PSRP to Teacher Cohort will prepare for and take the Praxis Core as a diagnostic. The goal is not to take the test in order to pass it this school year. Rather, we will be using the test in order to learn about each person’s strengths and challenges and build a coursework plan that is right for each PSRP.

The Praxis Core consists of 3 parts: Reading, Writing and Math. The tests can be taken separately or all in the same day. If the tests are taken separately, each one costs $90, and if they are all taken on the same day, the cost is $150. The Praxis is given on the computer at testing centers across Maryland, and the BTU will be providing Praxis Preparation for those PSRPs who are accepted into the program.

Getting Ready for Coursework

Teacher Preparation takes a substantial effort, and usually is accomplished over years, not months. Baltimore City PSRPs show up everyday and overcome challenges with determination, creativity and persistence, and they are more than up to the academic challenges to entering the classroom. Nonetheless, there can be logistical hurdles that can complicate the process. In order to prepare for the program, please contact any colleges or universities that may have holds, fines, loans or other negative records, in order to clear those blocks in preparation for registration. Please contact the Cristina Duncan Evans at the BTU ( if you are having trouble in this area.

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Questions: Please contact Cristina Duncan Evans, 443-416-7449 (cell)