Sick Bank

Policies and Procedures for the Baltimore Teachers Union and The Baltimore City Public School System Sick Leave Bank


The Sick Bank is designed to provide temporary assistance to members in the event of unexpected illness but is in no way obligated to any member. The Sick Bank is not to be considered a source of income, but a temporary source if insurance.


  1. A joint committee of six (6) members, half named by the New Board of School Commissioners and half named by the Union, will administer the Sick leave Bank and establish specific procedures for its utilization.
  2. The Sick Bank Committee will review and forward to the Division of Human Resources and Labor Relations its decision on all requests to draw on the Sick Leave Bank. The Division shall honor all requests to draw on the Sick Leave Bank. No grant of leave by the Committee shall be used to show that an employee has been excessively absent or, otherwise, to impose discipline.
  3. The Sick Bank Committee will meet the Tuesday after each pay date beginning with the first full pay in September through the last full pay in June.
  4. The Sick Bank Committee will generally meet on Wednesday if the Tuesday after the pay date is a holiday.


  1. All Baltimore City teachers on the 162 payroll and all paraprofessionals and educational assistants on the P62 and 362 payroll who work four (4) hours or more are eligible to file. Participation is voluntary, but requires a minimum contribution of one (1) sick day as neede d and determined by the Sick Leave Bank Committee.
  2. Eligible employees may join the Sick Leave Bank either within the first thirty (30) days after employment or when a sick leave assessment is made. Any person who has relinquished his or her membership in the Sick Leave Bank may rejoin the Bank at such time and upon such conditions as set by the Committee.


  1. All requests to draw upon the Sick Bank must be submitted on the approved form and contain the physician’s legibly written statement confirming diagnosis/impression, cause of confinement and pertinent information certifying the existence of a disability, first date of absence, and expected of return to duty.
  2. Applications must be completely filled out. The application will not be processed, if all sections have not been completed. The words “not applicable” should not be used in the “Previous Illness” section.
  3. Upon request, an applicant may be required to sign a release of medical
    information form, authorizing the Sick Leave Bank Committee to contact attending physician, if needed. Failure to submit the release of medical information form within fifteen (15) days after the request is made will in a denial of the application. Detailed medical information and an evaluation from the attending physician(s) and/or hospital will be required before any additional applications will be approved.
  4. A copy of the applicant’s most recent pay stub with the initial application must accompany requests.
  5. Applications should be submitted no later than five (5) days after all accrued sick leave has been exhausted. In cases of medical emergencies, next of someone known to the applicant may submit the application. All applications must be received the Monday before the scheduled Tuesday meetings.

Failure to submit the application on time may result in non-payment. All requests are to be submitted to the Sick Bank Committee, c/o the Baltimore Teachers Union, 5800 Metro Drive, 2nd floor, Baltimore, Maryland 21215.


  1. The applicant may be required to undergo a medial review by a physician of the Committee’s choice at any time, and at the applicant’s expense, unless otherwise covered by health insurance. However, the information received from any such review or examination shall not be used to deny an employee the opportunity to return to work.
  2. Before days can be granted from the Sick Leave Bank on the first request for any illness, the applicant must be out of pay status for five (5) consecutive working days.
  3. Sick Bank grants shall be in units as determined by the Committee and not to exceed a total of ten (10) working days per application. Additional grants of ten (10) working days may be granted at the discretion of the Committee up to a maximum of thirty (30) working days per school year for the same illness. Detailed medical information and an evaluation from the attending
    physician(s) and/or hospital will be required before any additional applications will be approved.
  4. Grants from the Sick Bank may not be used for disabilities, which qualify the member for Worker’s Compensation benefits. Third party applicants (automobile accident) receiving monies from other sources will be referred to the City Solicitor’s office for a possible surrogate lien, which may result in a possible rebate to the Sick Bank.
  5. Grants from the bank may not be approved to cover intermittent absences.
  6. All Sick Leave Bank contributions will remain in force and cannot be returned even upon cancellation of membership into the Sick Leave Bank. In no case will the granting of leave from the Bank cause an applicant to receive more than his/her annual salary.
  7. Sick Bank application grants will not automatically be carried over from one fiscal year to another.
  8. Falsification and/or distortion of information on the application will result in a denial of Bank grants and possible disciplinary action.
  9. Applications received for review after the applicant has returned to work will not be honored.
  10. The Sick Leave Bank may only be used for the applicant’s own personal illness.
  11. The Sick Bank Committee is unable to guarantee payment. The dates of payment and amount are determined by the City’s payroll schedule.
  12. One (1) day given to the Sick Bank is not counted as a day used toward the negotiated Sick Leave Conversion.
  13. The Sick Bank Committee has the right to change its Policies and Procedures periodically in order to ensure the most effective operation of the Bank.


  1. A member will lose the right to utilize the Sick Leave Bank if his or her employment with the Baltimore City Public School System is terminated.
  2. Employees may relinquish their membership in the Sick Leave Bank in writing at any time by making their intention known in writing to the Sick Leave Bank Committee.


  1. This statement of policy shall not alter or amend any rights due under the negotiated Labor Agreement.
  2. All decisions of the Committee as to benefits allowed or denied shall be final and binding on the employee unless the Committee deadlocks.

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