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Car Caravan Video

Posted by Will on  2021
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Posted by Will on  2021
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WATCH THE JAN 14TH BTU EXECUTIVE BOARD MEETING @ 6:00PM   REGISTER HERE:     This webinar will give members an opportunity to observe the BTU Executive Board Meeting on Jan 14th at 6:00pm.   Members will need to register and have their membership checked before being sent a Zoom link to join the webinar as an “Attendee” (look for an email from “BTU Admin #2)   Attendees can observe the meeting, will see the


Posted by Will on  2021
JAN 12 at 6:00PM CAR CARAVAN    Join fellow educators, parents, and community members to send a message that it is not safe to reopen schools yet! *No staff forced into school buildings for the rest of the school year**No job or school budget cuts during or after pandemic*   Meet at the district HQ parking lot at Calvert St and 20th St. If on foot, meet at 200 E. North Ave (wear a mask!)
Issue 4 of the Baltimore Educator, BTU’s official newsletter, is now available online to read and download. Click here to check it out! BTU members will also receive a paper copy in the mail. Blog versions of the articles from this newsletter have also been posted here for you to read and share. This issue includes articles about our campaign to close the digital divide, supporting special education families, the New Educator Steering Committee, and

A Message from President Brown

Posted by Mike Pesa on  2020
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President Diamonté Brown Dear Members, I hope that you are staying safe. Thank you for your dedication to Baltimore’s youth and community, and thank you for your leadership and service.  Throughout the fall, union staff were focused on adjusting to the new pandemic environment we are in, and on organizing and negotiating to protect union members, our students and the community. From July through November, my negotiating team and I spent weeks in bargaining sessions